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With Precision Fitness,  achieve all your fitness goals with our expert trainers. Push yourself to achieve your goals and take on new challenges with our state-of-the-art personalized guidance, you’ll see results faster than you ever thought possible. Come join us and unlock the best version of yourself!

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1 to 1 Online Coaching

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Active adults

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Cardio Fitness

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No long Term Contracts

Our Popular 12 week plan ensures that there is no need for long term contracts

Exercise round the Clock

Take advantage of the online coaching benefits and workout at your conveneint time.

No Equipment Needed

You can get desirable results without fitness equipment from the comfort of your own home

Meet Your Trainer, Adrian.

Physical and mental health specialist Adrian Balasingam’s revolutionary methods, can give anyone regardless of our genetic shape- minimal bodyfat, lean, strong muscles and balance to our bodies imbalances.

Adrian knows this, because he has done it to himself- and countless others with more than a decade’s worth of scientific research.

Over many years through College and University, Adrian worked across the North East of England, being employed at numerous gyms in the area, over the 15 years he was working. During this time, Adrian has worked with various different types of clients from a range of genetic backgrounds, and learnt off many health and fitness professionals, including powerlifting coaches for Great Britain, University coaches, and natural bodybuilder contest winners. They helped shape his view on health and fitness.

After thorough research, self-testing, and refinement, Adrian has learnt the skills and knowledge to help people have impressive efficient body transformations. Combining diet, exercise regimes and principles proven to stimulate the body effectively; activating all the different muscle fibres we possess, with an extensive list of techniques, Adrian put together workouts which could help anyone efficiently reach their goals, at home or in the gym.

Adrian knew he was capable of really helping people, and has found effective ways to ensure all your muscular strands are consistently engaged. Over the past decade his training methods have grown and evolved to precisely fit our clients wants, needs and desires.

About Precision Exercises

When we created Precision Exercises, we knew we wanted to be more than just a simple gym. Having worked in traditional gyms in the past, we knew we needed to create a concept that would provide our members with the most effective tools for success. This meant we needed to offer a wide range of classes both for children and adults.

This also meant we needed to provide a learning environment run by experienced and successful coaches. However, our most important goal was to create a welcoming atmosphere and community in which everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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